About US

COde for South Florida is a non-profit corporation that builds services with Public Interest in mind, leveraging a network of technologists, designers, and problem-solvers in Florida.

Our Mission

  • To inspire public servants, technology sectors, and government institutions in South Florida to collaborate for positive change.

  • To fill implementation gaps in government, non-profit, and public  sectors for improved service delivery and maximizing impact.

  • To connect people who can further inspire, contribute, and build a local culture of public service fit for a digital age. 

Our Roots

  • Open Community: Allowing citizens from all backgrounds and skill levels to get involved and engaged in the process of bettering their community by providing space both in person or online.
  • Open Government: Support initiatives and policies to provide clearer paths for residents to engage with the government.
  • Open Data: Being stewards, evangelists, and a resource for learning about, finding, using, and freeing public data.
  • Open Research: Supporting data management and publishing practices that help governments, journalists, scientists, and members of the community share their interpretations of open data, from raw datasets to published conclusions.
  • Open Source: Creating and using free and open tools to expand public knowledge and civic engagement.

OUR Vision

  • South Florida’s unique geographic, social, and economic challenges will create equally unique solutions for civic engagement and public service.

  • The free flow of information, data, and digital assets among non-profit, private, and government sectors will radically improve the way the region addresses its most pressing issues. 

  • A public equipped with the knowledge and skills to create, use, and manage technology platforms is key to building a sustainable and thriving region.



Our Purpose

  • Improve the way government and non-profit services are delivered in the greater South Florida area.

  • Foster relationships between institutions, and agents with the common goal of improving civic welfare. 

  • Educating the public about civic hacking as a collaborative effort that needs more than just technology talent to inspire and create a lasting impact. 


Our Values

  • Empathy – the only way to create solutions and cultures that last is having a deep understanding of their context. 

  • Autonomy – “No one is coming. It’s up to us.”

  • Collaboration – it takes a village acting in unison to achieve lasting change and impact.

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