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Open GOV | Hack Night

Every third thursday of the month.

A public session where we partner with local organizations or governments to discuss open data and civic technology for community.

Find a new open-source civic tech project, learn something new, and meet fellow citizens interested in government and open data.


A formal conversation with CIOs/CTOs at the municipal and county to discuss data collaboration efforts.

Learn about work local government is doing to put the people first in the digital age.

Civic HAcking 101

An introduction to the mindset and philosophy behind Civic Hacking and Public Interest Projects.

Discover what makes a "Civic Hacker" by employing a framework of independent problem-solving.


Civic Technology 101

Every month, LEARN how to contribute.

An informative public session to inform our community about our work and introduce newcomers to "Civic Hacking."

Learn about our current projects, find ways to get involved, and connect with like-minded individuals.


National Day of Civic Hacking