The Justice Discovery Initiative

prototypes for civic engagement and RACIAL EQUITY in South Florida

A 6-week Sprint led by Code for South Florida, in partnership with Miami Dade College, City of Miami, and Mozilla Foundation with the aim of discovering opportunities in public safety and public data through open-source solutions with local technologists and resources.

About the Justice Discovery Initiative

Between the COVID-19 pandemic, the mass protests against police brutality, and the presidential election, the year 2020 presented an onslaught of challenges that further entrenched the role of technology in how we share, communicate, and engage our government.

Recognizing the growing opportunity for civic technologists and junior talent to come together, Code for South Florida is partnering with Mozilla Foundation and Miami-Dade College to train 10 students in a cohort on pathways of becoming Civic Technologists.

Throughout the project, students will be trained with the skills and mindset to build public interest technology while contributing to existing solutions supported by the City of Miami in the areas of civic engagement and racial equity.

"open government hour" for better governments

“Open Government Hour” is a media initiative dedicated to fostering discussions around opening governments for better civic participation by Code For South Florida.

For our first stream, the team goes in-depth on what is Justice Discovery and how it reflects the greater Code For South Florida values.

Our goals

The Justice Discovery Initiative expects to achieve the following over the course of 6 weeks starting on November 9th, 2020:

  • Conduct User Research in the community to identify and prioritize based on community needs.
  • Support, mentor, and introduce students to civic technologist methodologies like agile development and user-centered design for the public sector.
  • Enforce ethics as a vital part of user experience design and software development in public services.
  • Explore data opportunities for existing open-source prototypes for civic engagement  between law enforcement and communities.
  • Develop new features on existing open-source solutions for civic engagement and racial equity.

one sprint, two Prototypes.

The Justice Discovery Initiative team, composed of Miami Dade College cohort, will be conducting user research and improving open-source prototypes previously developed by Code For South Florida and supported by the Office of Management & Budget and leveraging data from the Civilian Investigative Panel, local government departments of the City of Miami.


People Budget

A Participatory Budgeting tool facilitating feedback between local governments and communities through open local budget data.

Screenshot_2020-11-06 BadgeWatch org


A search tool for civilian complaints of local law enforcement agents for more transparent and open governments.

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