Overview: The open-source project for modernizing police complaints in the Miami / South Florida area. Florida is one of 12 states that offer public police complaints. In response to a local journalist creating a spreadsheet of cops based on Civilian Investigated Panel public data we built a search tool which in 3 weeks got 1,500 users. Today we continue this effort of looking at process improvement through software and UX/UI.

Status: Active (Launched August 2020)

Stage: Prototype

Userbase: 90 weekly users / 1,500+ total users

Partners: City of Miami, Civilian Investigated Panel, Daniel Rivero (Journalist)

Grants: Awesome Foundation Miami (Dec 2020)

Feature Roadmap:

  • Update search experience for end-users
  • Add grading system to police at the indiviual and department level
  • Load new data in the system from Civilian Investigated Panel Data request

Feedback needed.

Code for South Florida is conducting a survey to see how residents feel about funding public safety and “police”.

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