Monitoring air-quality in real-time and putting people first through open data.

Overview: 1 out of 8 deaths in the world is due to poor air quality. Our Local Air project is a part of our Smart City Initiative focused on discovering and prototyping user-centered approaches to helping cities inform and engage residents using data. This work started in 2019 and was deployed in 2020. Currently, we are in the second phase where have deployed solar-powered sensors in our community.


Status: Active

Team Size: 5-10


  • Local Government: City of Miami, Miami-Dade County,
  • Technology: Microsoft
  • Nonprofits: Center for Black Innovation
  • Academic: Florida International University

Feature Roadmap:

  • Deploy new solar powered sensors near Metro Rail Stations and Bus Stops
  • Update website and application to version 2.0.0

Feedback needed.

Code for South Florida is conducting a survey to see how residents feel about funding public safety and “police”.

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