Overview:  The call for Racial Justice across the US came with a single demand for Police Reform. To implement real reform there needs to be an understanding at the community level on how budgetary decisions at the municipal or county level work. Typically cities and counties release this as budget data in a PDF form. Sometimes it’s easy to find, but most times it’s hard. In this project, we are exploring a digital service that informs and engages communities related to their budget.

Resources: South Florida Budget Hearing – September 2020

Demo: (semi-functional prototype)

Status: Active

Team Size: 5-10

Partners: City of Miami, Miami-Dade College


  • Add new features for Virtual Meeting / Transcript Search
  • Add new features for budget visualization at the municipal level

Feedback needed.

Code for South Florida is conducting a survey to see how residents feel about funding public safety and “police”.

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